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LaKiTta Vs Peugeot 406 Break (roof crushing)

Updated: Aug 30

LaKiTta is a real estate agent and has to take pictures for his agency of a piece of land for sale.

This land is first of all impossible to find, and she will get her boots dirty in the mud, then once found she finds that the land is not at all presentable, and when she reports it to her boss, this one is very rude and bossy with her.

She will let off steam on this poor 406 Peugeot break that was lying around, and will take great pleasure in jumping and dancing on his large roof.

A lot of sensuality in this new video, spun tights, bare feet, pumps, dancing in high heels, trampling, boots in the mud .... we hope you will enjoy this new video !

Time : 42min

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