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Nov 11, 2023
In General Discussion
I would love to see a video of one of the lovely models riding the top of a car with riding boots. Ideally the car (like a tiny Fiat or Polo) is small enough for her to fully straddle the roof with her boots over the sides. If necessary, the model(s) can use a heavy hammer to break in the sides of the roof to make it easier for the rider to fully straddle. (Please be careful of any potential sharp edges!) During the ride, another model can be jumping on the rear bumper, to bounce the car vigorously up and down, so the rider on top can bounce in her roof "saddle" like riding a wild horse. The camera can show the roof undulating up and down under her bottom from the bouncing...need to hear the sound of the crumpling roof. The two (or more) can switch places for each to enjoy the ride. For added effect, "reins" can be tied to the front of the car, and the rider can be pulling hard on them. Would be wonderful if they could ride it so hard that the roof crumples deeply into the saddle shape. Hope you enjoy!


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